Serve Our Hospitals

Serve Our Hospitals

As we step back and observe the global pandemic around us, we clearly see how fear has blanketed the world. Nevertheless, there is an eternal HOPE that lives and prevails inside each of us with a vast array of opportunities to motivate us to action. We see light at the end of the tunnel.  

I want to introduce you to Care for AZ. This is a collaboration of Arizona churches and hospitals working together to serve healthcare professionals and their families.

The website is now live for churches to partner in helping our local hospitals. They are still adding anchor churches that will be the main point of contact for the hospitals, but they should be added soon. While Valley View will not be an anchor church for the hospitals, we will join hundreds of churches in supporting the anchor churches. You can look up a hospital near you on this website and connect with the anchor church to help provide assistance to them.  

Go to CareforAZ.org for additional information and for easy access to become a part of this initiative.