Regathering Update

Regathering Update

Letter from Pastor John

Church Family,
This has been an experience we will never forget. I wanted to write to you about our plans for regathering as the church. I use the words regathering rather than reopening because we have not closed!
We continue to pay attention to the government recommendations for the different phases of reopening. The Governor announced on Monday that Arizona is in Phase 1. That means we can gather in groups of ten with the right precautions.
Our plan for the next two Sundays is to allow people who would like to come up to the church campus at 10:30am to watch the streaming of the service. We will have rooms available for people to watch the service at a safe social distance. If it is easier for you to watch at home, we encourage you to continue to do so. My wife and kids plan to watch at home. We also encourage all our vulnerable or those with underlying conditions to stay at home as well.
If things go well and the state moves into Phase 2, our plan is to do two services, up to 50 people each, in the sanctuary on May 31st. We will give more details as we get closer.
Remember, our regathering does not mean we are guaranteeing that it is safe to come up. We will do our best to clean, sanitize and give you space, but if you have any health issues or are concerned about being in public, please stay at home and watch from there.