John Heston

John Heston

What would you like people to know, most, about God?  That He is a God of Love, Truth, and Grace.
Home Town: Mesa, AZ but I have not left the East Valley.
Education:  ASU Grad, I received my Master of Divinity degree from Phoenix Seminary, and am currently working on my Doctor of Ministry.
Family: My wonderful wife Stacy; 4 incredible kids Ethan, Olivia, Wesley and Lucas
Favorite Things: Spending time with family, Disneyland, most things history and developing people for ministry.
Impactful Book: You can change, Tim Chester
Favorite Movies: Star Wars, most Marvel Movies, and any good action movie.
Favorite Food: Chinese food, Mexican food, pizza and a good steak
Favorite TV Shows:  Shield, Psyche, White Collar, Chopped and American Pickers
What would you want people to know about God? We do not have to work our way to Him, Jesus paid it all on the Cross, because I could not.

Discipleship Pastor
Tim Goodyear