Student Ministry

Student Ministry

logo RUSH 2015

Grades 6 – 12

RUSH is a community of students who gather in a fun and relaxed environment to learn about God, grow in their faith, and build relationships with others.

RUSH mission:  For the students to live out their faith by engaging their communities through service and sharing the gospel to bring others to Christ.

RUSH Values: To be welcoming to everyone, to stay true to our unique identities in Christ, to show no judgment in how we treat each other, and to have a healthy balance between learning about God and having a great time together.

Student Ministry Events

RUSH – Jr and Sr High

RUSH Reading God’s Word Understanding God’s Will Serving in Love Helping Others

Middle School – 5th-8th Grade 10:30 am

Our 5th – 8th graders start out in our Sanctuary for the first two songs of worship. During Meet and greet they head out to their class in the youth room